War Diaries Part I: Ostfront


The Eastern Front. A phenomenon so often forgotten, especially in the Western narration of the events of the Second World War. Many of us are completely unaware that it was the Eastern Front that actually decided the fate of the bloodiest conflict in the history of mankind. Among many myths surrounding the Eastern Front, such as the alleged existence of NKVD officers shooting deserters in the back, one thing is for sure: would it not have been for the devastating German losses in the East, Normandy would most likely not have happened.

Still, there are so many reasons why the Eastern Front shaped Europe we know today. 30 million victims of starvation, extremely poor living conditions, and exhausting work, as well as ethnic cleansing which was aimed at creating Lebensraum for racially superior Aryans. Lest we forget about Stalinist crimes committed before the war, such as Holomodor in Ukraine, which took the lives of 3 to 12 million people, depending on estimations. 

Here is our first episode of the short “War Diaries” documentary. Our goal here is not to educate you, there’s almost no “hard knowledge” in the video. We wish to give you some of the general emotions we feel about those times, to encourage you to dig deeper. Did you think the death toll in Western Europe was tremendous? Watch and think again.